Start jobs over the internet

I just started using Pulze and I am quite happy with it, as it improves greatly my workflow.
I have a main computer at the office and a laptop from which I work a lot from when I am travelling.
I would love to work from the laptop and use the office computer as a render slave.
Is there any simple way to connect them over the internet, or maybe using something like Hamachi?
I have never managed to achieve that using backburner and would love to use Pulze in that way.

Is there any documentation or tutorial on how to achieve that?


Great question. Currently I would say there is no easy solution. Some of our customers are using VPN services which needs some configuration and playing with ip-s and network interfaces. Technically it is possible.

Currently we don’t have a tutorial about this, but since many people are asking we will definitely do one in the near future!


Has there been a solution for this yet? I can’t get Tailscale to work because of the mac address issue. What’s the status of this? Or a tutorial on how to get it to work with other VPNs might be nice… Thank you.

Almost one year later and still no dice. I’ve tried setting up a VPN through Windows but that fails. I followed so many tutorials and tips, but I can’t get it to work. Would be great if you supported TailScale, but since it’s quite silent here, I suspect this is not going to happen.

Hi @DGTLTWNS, thanks for following up. The issue with TailScale has been discussed a few times via email if I remember. To support this service we would need to do some significant modifications to our core, and at the moment we choose to put this effort and time into other developments. I’m sure there are other VPN services that are working with Render Manager out of the box.
To get over this problem we will do some research and test a few of the available services and put together a general guide.

Hi Peter, thanks for the answer. I tried Windows VPN and Hamachi. Couldn’t get either to work. Would be nice if you could provide a guide, thank you. Hamachi should work but I’ve been trying again for a few hours and no dice. Or I’m missing something obvious.

Make sure you enabled “Multi Network Connection” in Render Manager settings or during the startup (while choosing between node or workstation mode). This option will allow Render Manager to connect to different networks. Also make sure that you select the correct network interface in Render Manager and then try to connect to a node or workstation that is on the same VPN.

For sure I’ll let you know ones we are ready with the guide.

I did this, when I refresh pool it doesn’t find it. When I connect manually with name and IP it says connected successfully but it’s still connected to my old pool. When I reinstall and delete everything I can’t even connect manually.

In the case of Hamachi, I think the problem is something with Hamachi itself or my network setup somewhere, but who knows I know nothing of networking and Google isn’t a very big help either. Tried different firewall settings and rules. No luck.

How is the guide going Peter? We’re 5 months later since our last interaction.