Start jobs over the internet

I just started using Pulze and I am quite happy with it, as it improves greatly my workflow.
I have a main computer at the office and a laptop from which I work a lot from when I am travelling.
I would love to work from the laptop and use the office computer as a render slave.
Is there any simple way to connect them over the internet, or maybe using something like Hamachi?
I have never managed to achieve that using backburner and would love to use Pulze in that way.

Is there any documentation or tutorial on how to achieve that?


Great question. Currently I would say there is no easy solution. Some of our customers are using VPN services which needs some configuration and playing with ip-s and network interfaces. Technically it is possible.

Currently we don’t have a tutorial about this, but since many people are asking we will definitely do one in the near future!