Stop rendering batch button


Would be cool if the scene manager included a button to stop rendering the batch altogether.

While often its just fine if you click cancel on the render for it to stop making the batch, I’ve found out that if you have files that are overwriting others and you are given this warning by 3dsmax, you’ll be stuck in a loop where you can’t leave the rendering batch until it runs out or finally starts a render that no longer replaces another.

To make sense of the order of actions here’s what happens

I setup a batch, I put the scenes to render into folders with same name renders as my output will make.
I press render batch and 3dsmax gives me a warning that it will replace existing renders.
I press cancel on the warning.
(I’m not able to press cancel render from the rendering window after this nor will it do anything before I press that)
This causes another render to start up from the batch, which will give the same warning again.
And this train goes on and on until it finds the end of the batch or a render that no longer replaces another.

So a bit of recommendation, a bit of 3dsmax issues.

Let me know if it’s not making sense! Would love to elaborate more


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Yes I have the same remark, or maybe it’s something we’re missing.

Hi @roy

Thanks for the suggestion, it is noted and we will look into it if we can make this easier!