Stop still image from Render Manager

Hi everyone,

is there the possibility to stop and save a work, for example a Still Image which has reached an acceptable noise, directly from the Render Manager, instead of going on the render node and manually stop it? We’re using Corona and 3ds Max. Thanks!

If you can remote into the node you can click stop on the VFB and the render will save, but as far as I’m aware there’s currently no way to do it from the pulze UI

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, having many nodes, in situations where there are 40 still images to stop for various reasons, remotely accessing each node becomes challenging.

UP, that would be great feature to have!
I think in 80% of cases we would rather stop and save our render even if it was noisy, rather than just cancel the job and not have any output saved at all.

Hi @software, @inkvisual

This is coming in the next version for sure! Most likely there will be a dedicated “Stop and Save” for the render jobs.