Stuck on connection to devices

Hi everyone,

We got a problem today, many computers, Workstation or Nodes keeps being stuck on connection to devices.
We try to reboot the computers, try to restart all the Pulze RM and nothing seems to help.
Even changing the distribution station seems to do nothing.
I also tried to unlock the licences and reinstall the software but not better.
No error or clues in the log to know what is happening.

Nevertheless the rendering is still working and the computers are good in the nodes view of RM. It seems that it’s only the visual CGI who is not working, on the workstation it’s a real issue beacause the users can’t manage their rendering.

Maybe can you give us some informations or a procedure to follow ?

Thank you and have a good day.

I have found the solution, I let it there for any user who have the same issue :

You have to remove the entire content of the folder C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Pulze Service and then restart Pulze, you will need to reconnect to the pool the computer choosing node/workstation. Take care also to delete every folder under every user of the computer if the folder Pulze Service exist or Pulze will not start.

Wait few seconds and Pulze will start correctly.

Whishing you a good day.