Stuck on Loading data from master

Hi guys! Anyone is experiencing this issue.
It suddently started happening on workstation which worked perfectly fine before.

  • Restarted Pulze
    -Restarted PC
  • Deleted Pulze cache folder, reinstalled Pulze.
    -Paused all the jobs
    -Restarted Master distubutor
  • Checked firewall settings

Nothing helped…

I would suggest the following strategy:

Please restart the distributor master computer first (this pc is marked with a yellow sign in the node list) this is the most important one that controls the rest of the pool.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, check the computers that are offline and see if any of them are in a weird state, maybe stuck in another loading phase, or frozen out, etc! Quit and restart the Render Manager on these.

Lastly if this still doesn’t help start quitting Render Manager on the workstations and render nodes and restart them.