Stuck on Parsing

I have a bunch of scenes set up, I hit batch render in Pulze, sometimes corona gets stuck on Parsing, if I move the VFB it starts rendering again. I don’t know if this is just a Corona problem or Pulze scene manager, it could possibly Parsec screen sharing, I’m not sure.

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I have exactly the same issue, various camera setups in one scene,
one setup finished rendering, denoises, writes out the files, jumps to the next and gets stuck until I click
one mouseclick and it starts rendering
It happened to me a couple times, at first I thought it was just timing, but its not
On different scenes also - so its not related to one specific file
Running all the latest versions / max 2022.2, Corona 7 hotfix 1, pulze 2.1.0

Please tell me there is a quick fix.

Could you guys send us a scene to that produces this problem and we will have a look asap!


Any update/information on this issue?
Its also being talked over at the corona forum. Can this be a corona problem?

The same problem started today when rendering with the corona, no solution?

In one of the previous beta version we did fixed a few things regarding the batch render mechanic. Please have a look and let me know if the problem still exists. You can download the beta versions from here:

Let us know if the problem this exists!

Hey guys,

so im using teh last beta version, and the problem of the parsing, still presists!

any updates on this matter?

Hi Fabio,

Does the same thing happens when you render your scene normally and not through the Scene Managers batch feature?

Hi Peter,

When i render normaly, the parsing, its fast, 4/5seconds, but via Scene Manager, some off the scenes/camaras, does a long time parsing till i move the VFB.

Most of the time, it happens in, exterior scenes.

Can you share one of these scenes with us so we can run some tests? Our support email is

I have the same thing over and over again, until you move the mouse render does not start

It looks like its Forest pro, there’s a thread on Corona forums, I can’t find it right now, it’s to do with Collisions.

Hey, so!!
all good, since we i left the cloud storage!

let see the next ones!

If any of you still experiencing this issue please contact me at We are in contact with the Corona guys and they need some extra information in order to figure out the cause of this problem.

Thanks for your help!