Stuck on Parsing

I have a bunch of scenes set up, I hit batch render in Pulze, sometimes corona gets stuck on Parsing, if I move the VFB it starts rendering again. I don’t know if this is just a Corona problem or Pulze scene manager, it could possibly Parsec screen sharing, I’m not sure.


I have exactly the same issue, various camera setups in one scene,
one setup finished rendering, denoises, writes out the files, jumps to the next and gets stuck until I click
one mouseclick and it starts rendering
It happened to me a couple times, at first I thought it was just timing, but its not
On different scenes also - so its not related to one specific file
Running all the latest versions / max 2022.2, Corona 7 hotfix 1, pulze 2.1.0

Please tell me there is a quick fix.

Could you guys send us a scene to that produces this problem and we will have a look asap!