Sub Layers not working properly

If you create layers within layers, scene manager takes control over them even if you have not added them to the layer list:
So, if you create Sub layers the optimal solution would be if they stay visible or hidden as how you have set them to, the same way any object behaves. But if you switch between tasks in scene manager it unhides the Sub Layers within the task selected every time. So if you have a complex setup with a lot of layers you want to stay hidden they are suddenly visible again. The only way scene manager should treat these layers as “on” or “off” is if you explicitly add them to the layer list and switch them on/off there, if not the should stay as you have set them to in 3ds Max.

I hope you agree, and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Hi Joachim,

First of all I hope you don’t mind I moved your post to the Scene Manager category, and also I edited to “render manager” parts to scene manager so people won’t get confused :slight_smile:

I understand your problem. Currently it works in a way where if you have added a parent layer to the scene manager it will take control over all the sub layers.

To make it clear for others, to get around this behavior you should include the sub layers and control them instead of the parent.

Let us ask around what others are thinking about this and we can modify this behavior accordingly in the next update.


Ah sorry my bad putting it to the wrong category :slight_smile:
Yeah the reason why this doesn’t make sense to me is that it doesn’t take control of objects inside layers. So if you have hidden objects inside a layer they stay hidden, shouldn’t all that has not been added to the scene manager behave the same way?
because when working with complex rigs, you can easily have a ton of objects that are helper objects which do different things and don’t need to be rendered which you need to hide/unhide a lot of times when working, personally I would prefer if I can tidy them in sub layers without adding them to the Scene Manager and scene manager only takes control of layers added. If you disagree, then it would help if scene manager showed the subtree of sublayers and added sublayers automatically, if not it can be hard to get an overview and control layers in the scene manager and know what it controls or not.

that’s my two cents anyway :wink:

Yeah, in case of the Layers module we don’t touch and we don’t care about the objects, we only switch the required layers. But of course your request makes total sense. I’ve added your request to our list and we will review the behavior for the next update. :wink: