Submitting to master node?

We used to be able to send jobs to our master render node, which again hooks the rest of the farm up with traditional DR. This gives good control when having the rendering window available when remotely logging on the master node. Now, in the newer version of Pulze, it seems like we have to “Enter node mode” on the master node for the job to be picked up, and traditional DR seems non-available. Can you confirm that this is a thing? That might explain why Pulze isn’t working anymore.

We have one regular license per workstation, and we also have one regular license for the master node, and we have no node licenses, because we rely on that master node to hook the others up with DR, as mentioned. No need to reinvent that wheel.

Hopefully it’s just a setting somewhere that I’ve not seen. I hope somebody can clarify. Thanks!

HI @jon

Sorry for our late reply. Could you please send a screenshot from the submitter window so we can see you job settings in context and which distributed mode are you using?

In general if a computer is not node mode then it won’t be able to participate in a job. This has not changed. The only exception to this is if you are using V-Ray Distributed option with the ‘Local Master’ option, in that case the workstation where are you submitting the job from will be the master.