Switch action to switch task failed

Hey guys,
we are getting this error over and over again. Once this happens on a node, this computer will no longer work on that job. It will not reconnect to that job anymore. Is there any solution to this?


We had the same issue and we had to switch both the current and the primary distributor to a Fixed Pc that doesn’t help in the rendering.

This was the answer from Peter Sarhidai at Pulze

"Thanks for reporting your issue. If you could please send us some logs from the master computer and a few nodes that this issue during the weekend we can send some tips how to setup Render Manager so this will never happen.

The “Switch task failed” in an internal issue were the master computer that are controlling the jobs is not able to tell the render node which task it should work on. This could happen because of connection issues. To minimize these problems I would suggest picking a computer in the office that will only act as a master computer and you are not using it for rendering. If you go to the admin tab > distributor options you should set the same computer for both Primary and Current Distributor. "

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Well, this is what we are doing as well. We have a separate Distributor PC that only receives and sends the jobs, but does not render at all.

Hey @kossatz,

Could you please reach out to our support with some logs from the master computer and a couple of nodes and we will look into it!

I sent the logs of the master and one render node where the issue occurred today to the support team.

Well, we installed the manager on a dedicated device instead on a virtual machine. Sadly the error is still there.