The "Fetch" of the "render setting overides" does not take into account the lightmix (Corona)


I made a very simple scene: an object with two lights. These lights I can manipulate with the Ligtmix.
I created a first setup where I created a “Default Render Preset”. Then I duplicated this setup. And curiously, if in this scene I modify the settings of the Ligtmix, when I click on “Fetch” of the “Render Setting Overide”, I just have a message “You have no overrides in this setup”.

But I watched the video Pulze | Scene Manager Tutorial [Chapter VI - Render Settings & Elements] - YouTube and for me it doesn’t work.

What am I doing wrong?

I have 3DS MAx 2023.3.3, Corona 9 (Fix 1) and Scene Manager 2.3.3

Hi @Archimi

Since the last few updates the Lightmix and Post Prodution settings are no longer part of the Render Settings module in Scene Manager. If you would like to control these you should use the Post-production/VFB module.

We will have to update the tutorials and align them to these new features!