ToDo and Notes modules


So far, ToDo and Notes modules seem to be global, but it would more than useful to be able to have them act locally, per setup if needed. Do you guys think it would be possible to have maybe a switch for that, setting the behavior of these modules on Local or Global, depending on users’ needs ?

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Hello :slight_smile:

Any chance to get that implemented, soon ?

Thank you !

Thanks for the suggestion. The funny thing is that in the version 1 these modules where not global, and people where complaining that it’s hard to keep track of them so we made it global, which I think was a good step. I’ll add this idea to our list and will discuss it with the team for sure, I don’t think it’s hard to do, I’ve just don’t want to add too many controls for such simple thins, but on the other hand these modules have great potential so it would be great to spend some time and add some new features to them.

Will see what we can do about it!


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Ahahah ok, I didn’t remember about the initial behavior !
In fact, I guess both modes (Global / Local) can have their fans … really useful modules, depending on everyone needs. For example, I’d use them per camera, since my clients usually do comment on a camera basis. But I can understand people needing them globally too :wink:

Thank you again.

+1 on local option usefull for changes on specific scene briefs

Please make notes/todo local again. Max has a global notes option and there is a very extended notes script available. The point of Scene Manager is to tie modules to a setup, not to the whole scene!!

Just wanted to up-vote making the todo local to particular setup.
As Erik said, every tab in Pulze is setup related, so I see no reason for todo tab to be any different, there are other tools perfectly capable of making global to-do lists.
Thanks for consideration!