Unable to save parses properly for animation render in Open EXR format

I have set up 15 render nodes to render a 200 frames animation in Open EXR format. The problem that we encountered now is that some of the render nodes could not save the parses of the EXR file correctly. The file is rendered using 3ds Max 2023 with corona 9.

For example,

  1. I have render node number 1 to 5 which can save the EXR file with all the parses working perfectly.
  2. Render node 6 and 7 were only able to save the RGB but all the other parses are missing.
  3. Render node 8 and 9 could save the parses partially, RGB is saved, but lightmix is missing when light select parses are saved, or CShading Alpha is saved but CESSENTIAL_Reflect is not saved. The list could go on.
  4. Render node 10 and 11 might save the parses in another copy. When the frame is finish rendered, there is nothing save in CShading_Alpha, but the parse is saved in CShading_Alpha_00.