"Unavailable Pools: 1"

I have Pulze RM on 2 PC’s. Individually they both work fine, I can set up a pool on each, but I cannot, for the life of me, get them to communicate properly.

I have done clean install/uninstall/delete all cache files, repeat multiple times on both PC’s.

I create a pool on one PC the other PC can’t find it, but it does day “Unavailable Pools: 1” which tells me it’s there somewhere. I try the other way around and same problem…

Any tips!? Thanks

Hi @AnotherAngle3D

Unavailable pools is probably the last one that you managed to connect to but it is most likely unavailable because your ip has changed. Probably it is a network config issue. If you can send some more details to our support we can help you make it work.