Upgrading from Corona 7.1 to 8

We have upgraded from corona 7.1 to corona 8. Everytime we submit a job it says the node is missing coorna 7.1. If we click the downgrade option corona 7.1 dissappears and it start rendering fine. Any ideas whats wrong here ?

and now I am also getting this error everytime.

Please check this topic, reinstalling corona 8 with the custom option instead of upgrade will make it work. RM main PC doesnt see new Corona 8

Regarding the error, which RM version are you using?

I have alredy tried and installed corona that way too. Didnt help. I am using the latest version of RM with 3dsmax 2023 and corona 8. Everything is up to date

Yeah, thanks! Can’t do too much about corona, we are using the “C:\Program Files\Corona\CoronaRemove.xml” file to check which components and versions are installed. If version 8 is their in the file then we show it if not then something is not okay with the installation.

I would try to remove Corona totally then do a fresh install. Many people are reporting that something goes wrong at the CoronaRemove file gets corrupted when installing version 8.

As for the error message. It seams like a Scene Manager Xref setting is causing the trouble. Will correct it and give you a new build soon.

Please download and install this version: https://public.pulze.io/pulze-downloads/pulze_service/2.1.4/pulze_214_win.zip

Hi Peter. We had the same issue here. Re-installing Corona 8 using Custom Mode (for a second time) fixed it, or hopefully anyway. Is this definitely a Corona installer issue then?

Is there an ETA on the next stable Pulze version by the way? 2.1.4 seems to be beta only maybe for now?


Yes I believe it’s a corona installer thing. We had not changed anything in our search process. I will ping the guys at Corona regarding this, maybe they can change something or help get around the issue.

Version 2.1.4 is not yet officially released, we gonna test it for a few more days and release it asap.

There is about 20 companies who is using 2.1.x for a few weeks now so I would say feel free to install it. 2.1.4 is definitely the best version so far.

Sounds good. To be honest doing manual updates across the company is not practical for us, so we’ll wait for the proper stable release so we can do it through Pulze automagically :slight_smile:

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Hi Peter,
We are experiencing another issue where on a bit heavier scenes which renders fine if we render directly from the file but when submitted through render manager it doesnt start properly or at times just would move from the initial pass at all