URGENT: Vray Clouds don't work

When using Vray Clouds, it is essential that the VraySky doesn’t link to a specific sun otherwise the clouds don’t work. But in case of Scene Manager when using a VraySky, SM automatically checks the box and links to the sun that is active. (This isn’t necessary because Vray uses whichever sun is active as the default sky. It switches automatically.) Not only that but the clouds don’t work anymore.

This is quite urgent can you fix this?

Hi Mantis,

Thanks for the heads up. We will look into and fix it as soon as we can. This will most likely happen tomorrow or on friday.

Thank you. In the meantime. As a workaround I found that disabling the environment map in the cards works so it doesn’t override a map that I specified in the environment dialogue (with specify sunnode turned off).

Hi Peter, has this been updated?

I just tried and I can’t get it to work other than the solution above here.

Hey @DGTLTWNS and @Mantis.

Sorry for the slight delay, we went ahead and waited for Corona 9 RC1 and made sure that their procedural clouds are also working with this version. Apart from that we also fixed a few annoying things.

Here is the download link: https://www.pulze.io/download?sku=pulze_scnmgr_max&ver=2.3.0

Please note that is a beta version so more things will come in the next few weeks, but I wanted to get this out so people can use the new features.

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