Using the master admin workstation also as a node?

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Great software. I’ve just installed it today. We have six PCs on which to harness resources, at varying times.

I was just wondering if, at times when only my own Admin master workstation is available, can it also take on the role of a being a node too, so as to make it possible to just queue up jobs in night mode on my own pc?

Also as a side question, should render manager ‘see’ some instances of Corona DRserver.exe running on the other workstations? It doesn’t seem to be picking them up as nodes. Is that a TCP/IP port issue? Corona DRServer can be used in the network without issue. It’s only Render Manager that can’t see them as active and waiting.

Does Render Manager need to be installed on each node?

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Hi Darawork,
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“Master workstation as node?”: Sure, it is possible. You just have to define your workstation as a master node in the dropdown menu and set the job’s start time to “Later”. Once you have all the jobs listed and you go home you just have to start the jobs and turn your workstation to node by clicking the “Activate Night Mode” button in the top right corner.

“See Corona DRserver.exe?” Pulze Render Manager automatically handles all the vray or corona spawners. If the nodes are not visible for you you have to start troubleshooting. Yes TCP/IP is important:

-User Account Control (UAC) should be turned off in case of a dedicated render node

-If you use any special firewall or antivirus software please make sure that you exclude the executables located at C:/Program Files/Pulze Service and open up the port range 3005-3008 to allow Pulze to run smoothly.

-3dsmax.exe should be also added to the firewall exceptions

-I also recommend to check carefully the installation tutorial on our YouTube Channel:

Should you have any problems, please contact me at

“Does Render Manager need to be installed on each node?”: Yes.

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