V-Ray GPU Distributed

I couldn’t start a new topic, so am posting here. I need help with VRay GPU distributed rendering.

I have 1 workstation running max with scene manager, and 4 render nodes. I want to submit a job to Node1, and it should pick up VRay GPU server on Node2, 3 and 4 for distributed rendering. How should I go about this? Currently I’m unable to get distributed rendering to work.

Hey Rohanfk,

No worries, I’ve moved your question to the Issues topic.

Currently V-Ray GPU Distributed job type is disabled. It is on our road map and will be available soon.

Ok. Waiting eagerly for this feature.

Is VRay GPU distributed rendering supported in the 1.0 release?

Hey Rohanfk,

As of 1.0.0 the VRay GPU distributed rendering is not supported, but keep an eye out for our upcoming update notes, as we are planning to release this feature in the near future!

Hi there,

Just checking if there’s been any update with VRay GPU distributed rendering.

Just got an email that RM 2.0 is releasing. Great work by all the developers.
Hoping that vray gpu distributed rendering is part of this new release.