V-Ray VFB Layer corrections saved with each camera?

I have a question about Scene Manager : If I use different color correction layers in V-Ray VFB, do these get saved and updated automatically for each camera ?

Thank you.


Great question! Currently they won’t get saved, but we are working on it!


Im typing here since its the same kind of request, i’ve been using your experimental version which includes the VFB corrections, i would love to see somewhere a field where it states which file is loaded in each camera. It seems to be working, it seems to be changing them correctly but i cant see which one is loaded in which camera i have to remember it!

Thanks for all your awesome stuff!

Is there a way to join and try out this experimental version? I would really like to try it out

Sure no problem, you can get your hands on the beta here: https://pulze.io/beta/scene-manager

Hi! Will look into it, probably we will end up with something similar as we have for the Render Settings Override module (https://docs.pulze.io/scene-manager#sm-rendersettingsoverride) where we list all the changes and differences compared to the default state. In case of the VFB Layers probably we will do some abstraction to simplify things.

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Hey Peter!

Thanks for your reply! I didnt mean to have each correction shown e.g. color correction, then exposure etc. I mean a different thing, since i save the states of VFB corections per image and load each one seperately, i would like to be able to see in each camera of the scene manager which VFB button is loaded.

Similar to lets say the sun tab where you can see which sun is loaded per camera, or like the render channel where you can see the path and the file that is affecting each camera