Vray DR list erased- problem

Good morning i have a problem… I create 2/3 scene in 3dsmax with DR vray enabled and a list of 3 network pc.
If I put the 3 scenes into pulze to render in sequence ( i use pulze in this way that for me is ok) after the end of the renderings it “Erase” my list of pc inside the Vray DR panel and every time i have to rewrite 192.168.1.xxx , ec… any idea?


Thank you for reaching out! One of the advantages of using Render Manager is that from now on you can forget about all the DR settings inside the Render Setup panel of Max. Render Manager takes over the control and you do not have to set up any IP anymore. Just send out the job and make your decision, if you would like to have a DR job or a single image or an animation. Render Manager does the rest.
Should you have any questions, just let me know.
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That is good to know!

Well, I have Pulze installed only in my master PC and “vray spawner” open in my 3 nodes.
So it automatically knows which pc has VraySpawner opened? and why Pulze have to delete my list?

I see your point.

It won’t work like this. You have to install Render Manager to each and every PC no matter if it is a Node or a Workstation. After that RM will take the control and you can forget all the manual work.
For more info I gladly suggest to run through the tutorial series, it explains the fundamentals: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAiNL1B64nyN6F63-aSRXQRoSmrA5UTGT
Please keep in mind that you have to follow the first chapter of the documentation precisly to avoide any malfunction: https://docs.pulze.io/render-manager#rm-prerequisites
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OK. I read the guide of course. My “studio” workflow is to have ONE MAIN PC and 3 nodes ( and don’t want to change my setup).
I want only the first pc to control the LIST of the render ( I used BACKBURNER until now).

So I lunch my vrayspawner in the nodes that I want and control everything from my main pc. And Pulze RM worked well for the first job with a single image and the all the nodes.
But every time I reopen 3dsmax again my “DR list is empty” so the new job in Pulze will render without spawner! so unuseable… the question is : why you delete that list? or can you put a switch to maintain that list? Regards


I would like to kindly encourage you to give it a try for using Render Manager in a designed way. You have 3 licences already (do not forget that the Starter package gives you 2 additional licences for free).
You do not need to change your workflow at all you just have to enjoy the benefit that RM provides you: less clicking around. Please give it a try and install it to two Nodes as well and you will see how it works in a planned way.

Render Manager is designed to automatically manage all the render jobs with minimal human intervention. The list is deleted because the resource allocation is automatic. You can forget about it and it will work smoothly, believe me :slight_smile:
There is no option for manually allocating jobs to Nodes like in Backburner. Of course there are many options to differentiate which job should be handled by which PC. For more info about this again I kindly suggest checking the tutorial videos.

I gladly provide personal assistance if you need. Just please write to support@pulze.io and we can discuss the details.

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Ok thanks.But I need anyway the list Not to be deleted. If there’s not a solution, I will use Backburner again :frowning: