Vray render mark

Hi, i would like to know how to get this working properly, at the moment when i set render mask to render certain layers it does render those layers but it does not mask out the other areas in the scene, how do i properly set this up, for example, i have a chair in a room with other chairs, i put that one chair on a layer and the other chairs on their own layers but the chairs overlap in the image for example, i want one specific chair to render but it renders and you can see the cutout of the other chairs infront of it for example. that is what i need but right now when i set rendermask to layers it render out that layer only but everything on the layer while ignoring all other objects

Hi there,

Can you share some screenshots please of your layers, render settings and the involvement of the Scene Manager in this please so I can understand your problem more.


ok i figured out what i needed, scene states was what i was using in max before, but now i have to use render presets instead and disable vray frame buffer to get pulze to work