Vray Texture Maps


I’m working from home and I have two computers (one workstation and one node). I don’t have a dedicated server, I’m using the workstation as the ‘local network’. I’m able to open the 3dsMax file through the local network path and send it to the node to render, it’s also able to save the output but the render is missing all the mapped textures including the hdri and environment. It is rendering ForestPack objects and its textures though. Any ideas on what might be the issue? I’ve tried mapping with both absolute and relatives paths as well but no luck. All the assets are on the C drive of the workstation.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Hi Eduardo,

You should be able to easily fix this if you would change the asset paths on your workstations from for example C:\textures to \\<YOUR_PC_NAME>\textures. You should always use the network path for your textures, because in your case the other computers will search for the textures on their own C:\ drive, which obviously won’t work.

Here is a really nice detailed article regarding how to setup your render farm, shared folders and drives, etc…


Thank you, Peter! It’s all working now. I used a similar bitmat link script --relinkMissingFiles.mse – if anyone can find it, it works well with 3dsMax 2019.

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