Way to set-up passes to save in a different folder in Scene Manager?

We’re still in the testing phase of using Scene Manager so might have missed how to do this but was wondering if there is anyway to have all render passes save in a separate folder from the main render?

At the moment our batch rendering solution does this and we find it very useful. If we are rendering lots of images with lots of passes having them all in the same folder is very messy, and many time we don’t need the passes, but render them just in case. Obviously we can manually copy them to a separate folder afterwards but this is an extra step.

We render a number of work in progress images and many people working on a project have access to the render location. They only want to see the main render so having all the passes in the same folder confuses the process.

If this isn’t possible at the moment could it be something that is implemented in the future?

Hi, will bump this topic up as we’d love to see the way of doing this too.

We’re already super happy with being able to save main render and CXR and the rest of the passes as JPEGs. That gives great flexibility in adjusting lightmix/exposure/bloom&glare etc at the later stage, at the same time having quick access to jpeg beauty output.

If on top of this, all the additional channels could be saved in i.e. subfolder of the main render file path, that would be much much cleaner, and easier to browse through.

If this is time consuming to implement, perhaps as a temporary workaround you’d be able to share a script that could be used in Pulze “script-editor” tab, in order to achieve this?

Hi @inkvisual and @visualisers

I’ll share a script soon as a workaround that you can use until we decide if we want to implement a similar feature or not. Thanks for your patience!