What does this red dot mean?

We are new to render manager and very happy with it. It did great on our first job.
But i wonder, what means this red dot on some server nodes ?

There were no errors during rendering (no missing assets, no missing plugins, no missing licences etc). And i did not found it in the documentation / node section.
Thank you.


ok, i think i have found.
After a reboot the dot disappeared
So i suppose it shows that the node encountered errors during its uptime, but not necessary on the last job.
Right ?

Hello Bruce,

you are right :slight_smile: I just wanted to suggest exactly the same. If it works correctly it does not matter but it is a sign that a reboot is recommended.

Best regards,


Thank you for your answer.
Render manager is very cool and reliable. Lots of things i like (the corona noise/pass progress, the little thumb during rendering, easy access to error logs via clipboard, no dedicated server manager, interoperability with scene manager, customizable sanity checks, the compare soft feature to check if deployment are successfull etc.)
Far better than what we used before.