Windows 11 Urgent Problem

Pulze cant reach network path over windows 11. Its a big problem!!
How i can trust Pulze whit this issue?

Hello @aahumada,

While I can perfectly understand your frustration, I think you can hardly blame Pulze devs for this. They’ve done an amazing work on both Scene Manager and Render Manager so far. Instead, you could maybe wonder why you jumped on Windows 11 … as a CG professional, I guess it’s all but a safe choice to use a “young” OS, knowing there are usually a bunch of software compatibility problems each time a new OS comes out.

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Hi Nico… sorry for delay.
The problem is with the permissions of 3ds max 2022. It is partially solved.
When sending the jobs to RD it only connects a single node. The rest appears a message, Connecting with the Master. It does not come out of that stage.

Hi @aahumada

This sounds better then your last message. Btw I’ve responded to you ticket on Monday that you sent to Regarding the “Connecting to the Master” message, this is when the spawner is started and it is waiting for the main machine to start sending the scene and the information. You might want to check the firewall settings and allow vrayspawner also.

Hope this helps!

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