Wrong bit depth of TIF


Is it just me or Render Manager randomly saves TIF images in 8bit instead of 16bit? I set up my images to be saved as TIF 16bit both in 3ds Max and to Render Manager but sometimes I got 8bit images. It feels like hit or miss.


To be more precise, I don’t think Render Manager can save 16bit TIFs at all… Am I missing something?


Hi @info14

Are you setting the TIFF bit depth in 3ds Max when defining the output or in Render Manager?

Hello @peter.sarhidai

I am setting the bit depth both in 3ds max and Render Manager. I double check them also. Sometimes, bit depth is back to 8bit in Render Manager but I change it again. The result though comes out in 8bit.

Thanks for your support

Thank you, we are going to run some tests and try to reproduce the issue!

I appreciate your support. Just a note. I run some tests and I have found out that if you start the job let it finish and then you edit the job and start it again, the 8bit is set at 8bit although I set it at 16bit the first time. If you set it again at 16bit, the result will be saved correctly at 16bit.

I know nothing about software engineering but it seems that the software refuses to accept 16bit option the first time you set the job. :person_shrugging:

Hello again @peter.sarhidai .

I would like to add one more note.
Even after all those I mention above, only the main image, the beauty pass, is saved as 16bit. All the elements are saved as 8bit.

Apologies for all the confusing information. I am trying to figure it out.

I have also forgotten to mention my software.
3ds Max 2023, latest patch.
Corona 10.2


…and sometimes it just refuses to save 16bit. No matter how many times I edit and reset the job and no matter how many times I re-select 16bit (which is already selected 99% of times) inside Render Manager.

If I open the Max scene and press render, it saves it as 16bit, as it is set.

I am clueless :upside_down_face:

Btw, that doesn’t happen only in one scene/file. It happens on multiple files and scenes.


Hey Christos,

Thank you for putting time into testing this out deeply. We are looking into it, please give us a few days until we figure out what is going on and we will get back to you!

Hello @peter.sarhidai ,

Any news regarding this issue. It’s been a long time ago, Pulze got some updates but the issue seems to persists.


Has this been resolved?

To be honest I think it has been resolved. I haven’t faced it lately.