Xref visibility


I’ve started using XREF’s pretty heavily in my workflow lately. And I was very happy to see Pulze SM supports/helps this workflow too.

However, I’m a bit piffed that the ‘visibility’ in the xref node of Pulze SM applies only to the viewport and no the render. Isn’t there a way to turn off (hide) an XREF without disabling it?

The ‘active’ tickbox is a little misleading because unticking it means that the whole xref is removed and ticking it again means a long wait time while it re-loads (and updates - which is a bonus, I must admit).

I’d love to see it work more like layers. If I untick ‘visible’ it should not be rendering. And a refresh button added too.

I hope this is clear and understandable. Cheers,


The ‘active’ checkbox should really be ‘enabled’ (will fix that), but we can only do as much max allows us. The two checkbox you can currently use are mapped to the XRef Scene dialog:

Will look into it if we can properly hide it from rendering as well.

Excellent! Thank you :slight_smile: