Alt-click doesn't count as selected

The point of Alt-clicking a setup is to select it so we can do changes to it without actually activating that setup. However, it doesn’t count as selected when using duplicate or remove-buttons. If I click remove, it will not remove my alt-click selected setup, but instead it will remove the currently activated one.

And there’s no undo!

I want to add to this topic that when using ALT + CLICK, it also doesn’t let you select cameras, objects, dome lights or whatever through pulze. For instance:

I ALT + CLICK a setup, then want to select the camera of this setup, no response, same with other types of objects.

I like to use Pulze as way to also select certain elements, but when I switch scenes, I need to wait a second or 2 before I can change or select anything regarding this scene (even with render settings closed). So I thought I’d use ALT + CLICK so it doesn’t load the scene, but as I said, it doesn’t let me select anything. Might want to check on this and the above as well…

Thank you.

Hi Mantis,

Thanks for bumping this issue / idea. We will look into what can we do the improve and extend the alt + click feature.

At the moment when this alternative mode is activated when you alt + click on a setup the commands are blocked and scene manager does not allow anything through, you can only change the values in Scene Manager but these are not executed.

The question is, beside the selection and a few small things is there a need to allow and execute camera, resolution and other commands when a scene is activated with alt + click?

I think it would be more clear UI and UX wise, if this ALT + CLICK was more of a toggle button to edit the values in real time. And also a refresh button to update the values manually.

When active it makes the editing real time. When deactive it let’s you edit and browse faster. But also allows you to select objects basically everything you can do without active. Except for updating the values.

This is a great idea Mantis, thanks for your input!