Batch creating multiple documents

it would be great if you could start creating several projects sequentially. It often happens that I have to create several visualizations, let say 10. I have everything rendered and now I have to create a new document for each one separately. Since I implement multiple layers in my workflow and multimask layers in my template, it takes a few minutes to open a new document (which is fine, probably photoshop is to blame). It would be great if I could set everything for all ten doudocuments at the beginning of the whole process (assign the right files, select the tamplate, resolution, etc). Then the documents would stay open in PS or you could set them to save and close automatically. That way we wouldn’t have to sit and wait for a single project to be created. The same idea would be great for replace process…

Just an idea that could make our day more enjoyable and help us use our time for more productive things.

Thank you in advance


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Hi Jakub!

Thanks for the feature request!
This batch function is on our mind for a time now, and will definitely come in PM 2.0
Read more here → State of Post Manager

One of the approaches we have in mind, is that if you are using Render Manager, you’ll be able to add a Post Render Action, to create a document, or replace elements in an existing one when the render completes.
Are you using Render Manager?

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Hi Mihaly,
thank you for your reply. Great news that you are thinking about this and planning to implement it in the next version. The overall automation through render manager sounds really cool. I don’t use Render manager yet, there hasn’t been time to try it out yet outside of commercial jobs, I have purchased the license and I am just getting ready to do so.

Do you have an update info on the release date of PM 2.0 ?

Thank you