Batch Render cannot be submitted to Deadline


We are using 3ds Max 2023.1, Deadline

Batch Render that is created by Scene manager cannot be submitted to Deadline.
We’ve been able to do this successfully for years with 3dsmax 2021 and 2022.

Attached is the error during submission.

Here is a simple max file we were testing on.


Upon further testing, Batch Render jobs that we create manually submits properly to Deadline. Only Batch Render jobs created by Scene Manager doesn’t submit. It looks like it has something to do with the Batch Render view name.

EDIT: this was tested on both versions 2.2.11 and 2.2.12 Beta, on multiple computers on our network.

Thanks for the report, we will do some testing with the latest 3ds Max and will let you know if we find anything.

Hi @peter.sarhidai ,

Thank you for your time to test it out.

Deadline just provided me a patch to ignore the UI popup relating to the Batch Render view name, which worked for a while.

At the same time, yesterday deadline just announced that their latest version is actually completely broken, so this is also most likely related. Unfortunately, their new version is the only version that supports 3dsmax 2023. I think many studios are stuck right now.

Hi @vincent

Thanks for confirming, hope this explains the issue that you are facing. While you are waiting for an update from deadline I’m happy to give you free licenses for our Render Manager so that you can keep using 3ds Max 2023 and Scene Manager.

Hi @peter.sarhidai

Deadline has been fixed and is fully functional. This error with Scene Manager still persists.

Batch render jobs that we create manually can be submitted to Deadline and render properly.

Batch Render jobs that are baked from Scene Manager will cause the error. During submission, the first job will always submit successfully, and the error comes up before or during the second job.

So far, tech support from Deadline said

I can’t explain why the “Submit Master Job In Workstation Mode, Spawn Batch Jobs On Deadline” option works, but I imagine it’s not trying to read the scene names at any point. I don’t think skipping the check is a good idea here, though I would be curious about the jobs that work when you enable the previously mentioned setting. I’d expect that having a nameless take from Pulze would cause failures. This may be an incompatibility that needs the engineering team to help out with.

So maybe it has something to do with the way scene names are baked by Scene Manager?


Scene Manager is broken for us since this last update. When baking and sending to deadline, nothing will render. We just get this error and the log doesn’t really explain the problem. If we launch the renders to deadline manually (without baking through scene manager) they work well.

Error: FailRenderException : RenderTask: Unexpected exception (Trapped SEH Exception in RenderFrame(): Access Violation

Thanks for all the info!

We will install the latest version of Deadline to our test farm and will try it out. At the moment it is hard to tell what is causing the issue. I’m not aware that of any changes made to the batch render dialog in 2023 or 2023.1 but maybe I’ve missed something.

We have not changed anything regarding our bake procedures for a long time now. Will run some tests and let you guys know!

We’re using Max 2021 and this started happening after we updated Pulze. The machines with older version of pulze work fine

Can you tell which is the older and newer version number? I’ll look into it

I’ve just been told that we’re only using newest version 2.2.11 afterall. I can send you the deadline error log or paste it here if you prefer

Hi, I just want to report that this issue is still happening on 2.2.18.



Just installed 2.2.19 and it still gives the same error. He tries to startup de job but when he should start building the light, he gives the error and starts over.

Error: FailRenderException : RenderTask: Unexpected exception (Trapped SEH Exception in RenderFrame(): Access Violation

This same error is still occurring on version 2.2.19. Same situation, same error message.


I’ve ran some tests with 3ds Max 2023 and Deadline and I can confirm I’ve received the same error.

I tried a few combinations and looked at the Deadline submission script and the issue only happens if Scene States are used. Since Scene Manager always use this during baking this error happens all the time of course. You can easily reproduce this without Scene Manager as well if you add a Scene State to one of the batch render views that you created manually.

I would suggest to contact the Deadline support with this extra information in mind and they should be able to reproduce the issue and help you out.

Hope this will help everyone!

Thank you very much for testing this out! I have also replicated the error with only using scene states.

I have reopened my ticket with Deadline with the information you just provided here.

Hi @vincent

Did you manage to solve this? We’re having the same issues and already running the latest versions of Scene Manager and Deadline

@info4 at the moment no. AWS Thinkbox (Deadline) was kind enough to have tested this extensively with me on a few remote sessions. We have discovered that:

  • Error occurs if you use 3dsmax Scene States. This is regardless if you use Scene Manager or not.

  • When there are Scene States, a maxscript object “TheView” gets deleted after the first batch render is submitted. We can always submit the first batch item, and error always occur before the second batch item.

  • This error happens specifically with 3dsmax 2023 (all update versions)

  • We tried different ways to bypass “TheView”, but we would break deadline submission entirely if there are Scene States.

All in all, the problem is with Autodesk and 3dsmax itself.

@vincent Ok that’s very annoying. We’re using 3dsmax 2021 and have the same problem. I’m then assuming that if the problem is with 3dsmax, there must have been an update that caused this.

Our main issue with the batch process, is that is very slow to send to Deadline. We use Scene manager to bake the batch and tell deadline to send as batch, but the process is VERY slow and sometimes if fails. How are submitting batches right now?

@info4 Which step of the process is slow? Baking the batch from scene manager? or submitting to deadline?

Recently, I’ve only have max files that have 5 to 10 Scene Manager scenes, and I just submit to deadline one by one. It’s not that bad. I have had scenarios where I have more scenes, and this would not be a solution.