Development? Issues & Requests

It’s quite silent here. I don’t have the feeling there is development going on, which is a shame for something we pay a monthly subscription for. I’m considering cancelling at the end of the year if there’s no improvement

Also the things that are in place are not working properly:

  • I have 3 MultiMatteElements: 1 of those 3 doesn’t want to be read in, I can see the script starting it but for some reason it just skips it (and deletes the layer) after importing the element and goes to the next MultiMatte and starts extracting masks there. Very annoying. (There are 24 renders, and none of the same named element want to be read in, I tried renaming or whatever, nothing works). There’s nothing wrong with the file. When I do it manually (drag it in and use the extract layermask script), it works…

  • Custom naming with MultiMatteElements (for instance MM or MM_) does not work properly. Half of the time it just ignores it


  • It would be nice if there’s a batch loading script where we can load for instance 24 different renders with one click. Instead of going to import folder one by one.

  • Choose which elements are rasterized and which are smart objects.

  • I don’t understand why it’s not possible to have some basic adjustment layers in place.

I’m sorry to hear your dissatisfaction, let me try to address your concerns!

I can assure you, development is ongoing, but since everyone’s workflow is different, we have to prioritize and concentrate our efforts accordingly, and some requests may get implemented later than others.

We are in the early stages of building a brand new implementation of Post Manager (2.0), that would be able to handle batch loading, and managing adjustment layers, but that will take some time.

This is our priority, because the current architecture provided by Adobe Photoshop is not capable of handling either of these tasks efficiently, or would require an unnecessary amount of work that otherwise we could use to build this more efficient solution.

So before the release of this new version, we are focused on fixing bugs, and implementing minor improvements, when they are within the scope of the current architecture’s limitations.

As for the custom named elements that are not working properly for you, I’d like to get to the bottom of that, find the issue, and potentially fix it! If you could send us some renders that you have these errors with, I can reproduce the issue here, and figure out what goes wrong.

As for the Smart Object, since the rasterized layer does not have the option to “Replace Contents”, every element Post Manager generates will be a Smart Object, so they can be replaced later on.

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Hi Mihaly,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve send an email with a wetransfer to some renderings where I have the MultiMatte problem. (This has nothing to do with custom named elements even, I named them properly now to see if that was the problem, but apparently not).

As for custom named ones. Is there a format (with _ or . or something that we have to respect, so Post Manager reads the names properly). I can’t find anything regarding this.

Regarding rasterizing. First thing I always do is derasterize the base layer, because when you have a background I need to “Decontaminate colors” of this alpha masked base layer. Each and every time. So that gets old fast.

Another request would be to make PostManager ignore the frame number if wanted. I can explain you why if you want.

Thank you for the files, I was able to find the issue, and was able to fix it, without a need for any updates.
It should extract all Multimattes as expected the next time you launch Post Manager.

As for the naming convention, anything goes, since Post Manager is reading the filenames, and matching them with the Element Name.

This is an example from the tutorial video :
Element: MM
File : 20171127_cam_07_.MM_2.#DRAWER#SHELF#STARIS.png

As for ignoring the frame number, I’ll look into it, and see what I can do!

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