Importing Pulze setups in new scene?


I have a scene that has become broken and I need to merge all its content into a new scene. Not an uncommon problem in 3Ds Max.

Now I seem unable to figure out if there’s a way to import scene setups from an old scene into a new one, or will I have to redo all the scenes, camera assignments and saved object positions?

Being able to import/export scene setups is vital as otherwise using Pulze Scene Manager makes the workflow extremely fragile.

Thank you!

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We have been working on a solution for a long time now, and it will be partially possible. For example you could export the most important parts of the setups, but we don’t really want to handle geometry, camera and the lights, we would leave that to the user.

So for example if you have scene that is sinking and you want to recover as much as possible you will merge the parts to a brand new scene (geo, cameras, lights, etc…) and then you could import the old setups on top and rewire the missing parts.

Would somethig like this be helpful?

Regarding your current problem, if you could send us the broken scene and the new/fixed one we can recover it manually so you don’t have to redo everything.


Hi, Peter!
My team is really looking forward to the ability to transfer manager settings. since scenes with twenty or thirty tuned frames are readjusted again take a long time.

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Hi, is it already possible to transfer manager settings between scenes? if no, when will it be available?

Hi Silvercat,

Unfortunately it is still not possible to do that. It is certainly on our list and in some internal versions we are testing a solution where you will be able to transfer settings and the corresponding geometry as well. We would like to ship an important update next month (version 2.2) and after that we can continue to work on this. I would say we can put this feature on the beta version in Q2.


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+1 on the ability to copy the scene setups from one file to another. If we have to manually reassign the cameras and objects it’s not a big problem, what is very time consuming is reassigning all the rest, name the scenes, export options, frames to render, the HDRI with correct settings, the tone mapping settings… Everything else basically.

As it’s impossible for the moment it’s a bit dangerous to use in big projects as when the file breaks or won’t open again you loose all your setups.

+1 currently intrested in having a template for projects, so in my case building a template in a 3ds max file and duplicating it at start. But would be intresting to have a global export to apply to older projects.

This is probably one of the most requested feature and finally I’m happy to say that it is coming together. In the latest beta ( you will see an extra import/export button.

The export feature will allow you to choose which modules and settings you which to carry on. Materials, maps, objects and layers are transferred automatically. The output of the export process will be a simple max file with some extra information inside it. The import process is pretty straightforward, just select the max file and the rest will be taken care of Scene Manager.

It’s important that you can only import the files that were exported through Scene Manager, so you can’t just import a random file.

You can use this technique to create all sorts of presets involving lighting, geometry, output and render settings, or you can share parts of a project, like a new camera or sun angle with your colleagues.

It is currently is beta and it would be great help if some of you could give it a try!