Multiple outputs


Congrats on your super useful software, it really helps when dealing with complex scenes.

I am wondering whether Is it possible to have different outputs formats in the same render or not?
Like .jpg .png

Thank you.

Hi Nacho,

Thanks for joining, we are happy that SM is usefull :slight_smile:
The question is great and very actual, there is an ongoing disucussion over this thread: Render Elements method?

There is currently no direct way, but if you check my post in that thread there is a nice and super flexible way of doing this with some scripting. Let me know which engine are you using and we I can modify the script for your needs.


Hi Peter,

Nice to meet you.

We are using Corona Renderer 6.

We normally save as a png + jpeg, but sometimes we need to save as png + exr 16 bits half float.


Okay that is pretty simple. Please follow the steps in the mentioned topic [Render Elements method?]

with the following few lines of script:

-- set exr format to 16bit
fopenexr.setLayerOutputFormat 0 1

-- change the save path extension to exr
saveDir = (getFilenamePath rendOutputFilename) + (getFilenameFile rendOutputFilename) + ".exr"

-- save the altered image as an exr
CoronaRenderer.CoronaFP.dumpVfb saveDir

If you would like to save and additonal jpg or png then just change the “.exr” to the required format and remove the fopenexr… line.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your help!

I will try this out and get back to you if any problem arises.



Hello Peter!

Could you help me with script version for additional format .tiff 16-bit without alpha? (Corona Renderer)
Ive tried to doing it but Im not expirienced in scripting (yet:)

Best regards!