Outputsize bug doesnt change resolution

Hello, sometimes output size doesnt change resolution. Check vid pls. Any help?

Dear anothersmurf,

Thank you very much for the video. This is a known issue and the new version will come out in weeks and it will solve this misbehavior.
In the meantime the workaround is that you have to wait a little bit once you select a setup. Once you click to a setup Max starts to change the scene and it is a time consuming thing especially if you have HDRI in the setups. If you quickly hit another setup, Max messes up the attributes in the background. So you have to be patient.
In the new version there will be two options: You will be able to click through quickly the setups without forcing Max to change the entire scene. Or you can click around normally but we will block the UI until Max finishes so you won’t be able to click around too quickly.
Sorry for the inconvenience and stay tuned, many cool features are around the corner :wink:

Gotcha, thank you, waiting for new version :slightly_smiling_face: :partying_face: