Transfering setups between Max-files

I am currently doing a lot of complex setups per Max-file, with too much repeating.

I would love a way to save a setup, that can be loaded into another max-file. I understand that with some cards (objects, xrefs, layers, etc) this will be too complex and maybe not wanted and even useless, but there are enough cards that do not require specific naming (like the render setups, even the ones that need you to chose a path or a preset file). Even if a new selection is required (like chosing a new camera, sun or anything), maybe a red filed marker that indicates you have to chose a new item for the card to work would come in handy. This way SM leads you through the setup to prevent mistakes.

Now with 20 max-files, I have been doing almost the exact same setups, but each time had to define 6 cards again and again (chosing presets, cameras, vray raw output, etc, etc), which actually is crazy for a scene manager. Of course there are a lot of cards that are scene specific, but there always is a relevant part that is standard. Maybe also the possibility to have saveable presets per card?

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Hey Erik,

Yep, this has been requested several times and eventually it will come. As you mentioned the problem comes if you would like to transfer a module that involves geometry, cameras, etc.
You will have the option to retarget these lights, cameras, etc in the new scene or just ignore them and only their properties will be merged and you can add new light or camera.

Will keep you posted if we have a working version for sure.

Hi Peter,

I would love to see how you will solve this. Hope there is some time to contribute:)

Hey Erik,

I have some updates regarding this feature please have a look at this topic: Importing Pulze setups in new scene? - #8 by peter.sarhidai

Hi Peter,

That’s good news. I am finishing a project in the next week, so I will try the beta after that. Will there be enough time for me to test this?



Sure just take your time, we would like to release it in two weeks. I’m certain that there will be bugs and not handled edge cases with the transfer feature but our initial tests are promising. If there are too many problems then we will release the rest of the features that are ready and will keep this in beta.