When are we likely getting a new version of Scene Manager?

When are we likely getting a new stable version of Scene Manager?

In the past weeks we replaced several key components inside Scene Manager. Basically we kept the UI but everything else have been updated. We are currently testing it to make sure everything is wired back properly. In the next few days we are going to release the beta and the list if new/fix things, from that point it should not take too long until we can say it is stable.

Is it going to work with remote i.e Parsec?

Yes it should as our plugin and window is now based on the latest tech, so the freezes and crashes with remote desktop or the scale issues with other services should not be a problem. We have to test the edge cases during the beta to get our the remaining problems.

You can read more and try out the new version here: Scene Manager 2.5.0 [Beta]