Xref paths directories


I’m constantly switching between pc’s in the office / homeoffice.
As a consequence I’ve to change the xref paths in 3dsmax from time to time.
Unfortunately the paths don’t change in the Scene Manager, and I can’t find a way to refresh/relink them.
This makes the scene manager more or less unusable for me :frowning:
Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!


Having different drive and paths between office and home for the xref files is not ideal with or without the Scene Manager.

The XRef - Scene module was designed to control the Xref loaded in 3ds Max. If you make any changes to the paths in 3ds Max you will need to delete and select the new files in Scene Manager. We can look into it and add more control later on if it’s a need.

If possible I would suggest creating the same directories that you have in the office, this would make your life a lot easier.

Thanks for your fast response!

The same directories is not possible, because I’m using a removable drive.
So I can’t have the same drive letter twice. And I often have a big list of different xref-combinations,
sometimes with product names that are just numbers. That’s a pain in the a…

Basically the scene manager would have to compare and actualize the path of the maxfiles that are in the list.

Yeah fair point! I’ve added your problem / request to our list. We will discuss it with the team but I already have some ideas how this can be usefull for others.

Thanks for taking the time posting your issue, we will try to get back if there is anything you can try out.

You guys are doing a really good job. Thank you! :blush:

Ah yes… I had another issue once with xrefs, but haven’t tried yet if this already works.
Maybe this could be considered as well: